Do you know/have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

I have come to realize that unfortunately there is a fundamental weakness in today’s current management practices. Do you agree that Companies today are suffering from a lack of creative imagination? That they keep grinding their noses to the same stone, the same way they have been doing for many years. It seems that the same methods are used over and over again to determine marketing, advertising and public relations budgets. Therefore, certainty prevents new ways, innovative ways of business-development, strategic planning, or marketing, and are preventing any real changes and new outcomes.

I Incorporated Controllers On Call (ConC) and was faced with a real challenge – it became very clear very quickly that In order for my company to go places where “no one has gone before”, I needed to be a visionary. I had to dare leave the safety of a well-known port and sail away to discover new worlds. Being a visionary meant being creative, imaginative, daring, with the ability to invent and create new things. My journey taught me that a visionary is not a learned proficiently, you either have visionary genes or you do not.

As I reflect back on the Controllers On Call (ConC) success story, I knew that I needed to be a visionary with a dream to start a new idea and succeed. I was willing to mortgage our house to invest in my vision. I was willing to sleep nights on the office floor because “why bother going home for a couple of hours of sleep when I needed to be in the office in the morning”.

So, are you tired of your daily routine?  Are you looking to make a major change? Are you thinking of starting your own business? Becoming an entrepreneur?

Here are the principles I followed as an entrepreneur for the past 20 + years. Once you review these principles, ask yourself – do I still want to make this major change and follow my dream? Do I really have what it takes?

A vision – forget your business plan – without a vision to back it up it is not going to happen – guaranteed

100% commitment to make sacrifices – forget vacations, family trips, BBQ in the summer evenings, going to the movies, relaxing. These old ways are gone

Believe in yourself – get that confidence going. Flex your muscles – you need CHUTZPA to go to the bank, demand a loan, and be pushy to get things going. Pick yourself up time and time again – NEVER GIVE IN. In short – you need to have balls (regardless of your gender). You must be able to see and acknowledge your own mistakes and make the necessary corrections

Failure is not an option – It is as Tomas Edison said, “I never failed, I just found thousands of ways how not to do things”
Self-motivation –It takes a lot of discipline to be the one who oversees what you do – after all you are your own boss! No one except you can tell you how long to work, how hard to work, what resources are required for you to succeed.
Ethics and integrity – never promise unless you intend to deliver. Don’t do anything you don’t want to be done to you – in the long run it will always come back to bite you in the ass. A good name, excellent reputation, amazing customer services, ongoing referrals are earned and not bought in the market place
Listen to other entrepreneurs – always learn from others about their experiences, challenges, achievements, methods. It will save you a lot of money, hours, and pain

Love Challenges – a challenge is a lifeline. It keeps you alive. It keeps you on your toes at all times, ensures that you continue to be creative, and improves you continuously keeping you competitive.

Bottom Line: Entrepreneurs must have a twisted way of thinking – they cannot pass an object or a machine or see anything without improving on it. It is how they were born – it is in their blood. Therefore, Controllers On Call (ConC) is on its way to celebrating 20 years in business and I can personally share with you that not a minute goes by when I do not see something that needs to be improved upon.

Here is to your success!

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“I Quit, here is my two week notice”

I learned the hard way! Every time an employee hands in their two week notice, I cringe! Why? I have been down that road and know what is waiting for me. OUCH! NOT AGAIN!

Experience taught me that the recruitment process is lengthy, stressful and expensive and so my objective now is to always to hire an individual that will stay with the company for a long time and not leave too soon after they started. It is always painful when they leave. They take with them the knowledge, the skills, the experience they gained, the training they received and above all it effects the moral of the rest of the team. To add oil on the fire they frequently ended up working for the competition. Double OUCH!

Are you going or went through a similar experience? Here are the 14 points I follow to retain my best employees:

  • The job description is as accurate as possible and does not mislead or create any unrealistic expectations
  • The budget for the position is always in line with the current market rate. In case the candidate is looking for more than my budget, I thank them for their time and move on to the next candidate. What’s the point? They will accept the position and continue looking for the one that will pay what they believe they are worth and take off once they find it
  • I joined the local Board of Trade where I got connected with a Group Benefits Insurance company at a reasonable monthly rates thus offering my employees a benefit package which includes 80% coverage of medical, life, disability, and dental
  • I like to grow and learn and therefore provide ongoing training opportunities to my employees as well
  • I have an open door policy, people like to be valued and respected. I welcome their opinions, suggestions or ideas which they may have
  • I sit down with each and every one of them every quarter to review their performance – I always start with positive feedback and point out what needs improvement. When they improve, they receive a positive feedback and a congratulations on a job well done!
  • I make sure I fully engage my employees and encourage them to apply their unique skills and talents to their work
  • I have established non work related fun activities for all of us to participate in together such as Halloween pumpkin carving competition
  • I enjoy working from my home office a couple of days a week and offer my employees the same and creating a work life balance
  • I have a newsletter that gets sent quarterly to our clients, each quarter an employee success story is shared and celebrated
  • When I hire a new employee they get mentored by other employees where appropriate, further empowering and validating their contributions
  • I plan the monthly work schedule in advance so that there will be very minimal over time in case it is needed all together
  • I share with my employees weekly how the company is doing and thank them for their commitment to the company’s ongoing success
  • I came to realize that the most important component of staff retention is the FIT. Skills can be taught a personality cannot. Therefore I ensure that the environment is nice and that people interact with each other

Bottom Line: Your goal is just like mine, retain your best employees for the long haul. Go ahead explore their values, their challenges, their abilities, empower them, engage them, make them feel valued, connected and belong to their job and ultimately the company. Valued, engaged and respected employees that look forward to coming to work each morning will not run for the exit door and stay with the company the long-haul as an employer of choice.

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Employment Type: Permanent, Full time

Job Industry: Manufacturing

Job Location: Brampton

Salary: $60,000 – $70,000

Our client, an international food manufacturer is seeking a logical, methodical, detailed-oriented, roll up your sleeves experienced professional to join the growing finance team. You bring with you the ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure as well as the ability to work independently and together with the team. Reporting directly to the Manager, Reporting and Analysis, and working closely with the Director of Finance,


  • Prepare and record all required journal entries
  • Prepare and update month-end schedules
  • Cash flow reports
  • Monthly HST filings as well as manage other commodity taxes
  • Manage and reconcile various bank accounts
  • Generate various reports such as sales and expenses
  • Supervise AR and AP
  • Assist and support annual audit activities
  • Internal reporting when required
  • Assist with the development of budgets and forecasts
  • Other duties as assigned by Director of Finance


  • CGA, or CMA, CA, or CPA designation
  • 5+ years of relevant finance experience
  • Self-starter with hands-on experience
  • Exceptional Excel and advanced Access skills
  • Attention to detail with sound fundamental accounting skills
  • Great communication skills and ability to interact with senior management
  • ERP experience, i.e. MS NAVIGATOR, a definite asset

Join the team, advance your career and make a difference!

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Thinking of downsizing?!

Downsizing a company is never a pleasant task to carry out, everyone in the company is affected in some way, and hence the decision to downsize is deliberated at great length. Downsizing is typically done in cases where the company is making significant changes to either increase company value or eliminate excess costs.

Downsizing refers to a company/organization need to restructure/reorganize/optimize its operations in order to control costs to remain in business for a long-term and maintain a profitable bottom line. Here are some examples of what happens when a company downsizes:

• releasing employees because the operation no longer needs them (that will create unemployment for some, and several changes of job duties for others)
• decreasing the office space to save on rental and maintenance fees
• eliminating some of the services or products that are offered
• outsourcing activities resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs
• moving the head office to the outskirts of town from downtown in order to save, become more efficient and remain competitive

This is a fact we can no longer ignore! Companies today are downsizing with plenty of reasons: Economic situation, new technologies, cut throat competition, changing world, politics, taxes, rent, and no doubt you can think of and name many more. Take the banking industry as an example. Despite the fact that they continue to be extremely profitable they also got hit badly by today’s digital age. There is very little need to physically go to the bank when so much can be done online, via phone, via personal devices or a small ATM machine. Hence less employees as well as less commercial space are needed.

As painful as it may, go ahead and downsize when you conclude that it makes sense. Downsizing will result in your company becoming more competitive as many of your overhead expenses shrink. You will continue to rely more and more on newer technology, you will travel less to the delight of your partner (whatever was done face to face, can now be done via video conferencing). You will no longer need the same amount of office space as before you can make the office better utilized by having common space instead of private office space. As a result you will save on printers, fax machines, photocopiers etc. you can even start using home offices, let your employees work from home taking turns once or twice a week – they will be happier and think that you are the best boss in the world and in return you’ll be happy.

Bottom line: Think of it as a diet for your company! It will certainly improve your competitive edge, and create a win win situation for all. Everyone including yourself will be a winner.

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Immigration, Jobs, Canadian Experience – what is the connection?

New comers, legal immigrants, who come to Canada after the most rigorous tests and roadblocks that our CRS (Canadian Rating System) can put in front of them, who are qualified, educated, and skilled in their respective areas of expertise with an excellent command of the English language – are continuously struggling when it comes to obtaining Canadian employment. So why are these qualifications not good enough to land a new immigrant to Canada a good paying job in their own field?

The sad reality of the jobs situation for new immigrants in Canada today is disgraceful. Many new immigrants end up working in jobs that are way beneath their education, qualifications and job experience, and even when they land a job that they are qualified for, because they are new comers they get paid substantially less than a Canadian born person with the same qualifications and experience doing the same job.

In one of the articles published by CBC news in 2016, a new immigrant shared with the Canadian people his personal journey to obtaining his first job in Canada. It took a company 6 weeks and 4 interviews to hire him for a job where he had to stock shelves and load trucks in a warehouse.

His grueling experience in landing this job begs the question – how many interviews would be needed to hire a new immigrant to be a bank teller? A security guard? A bus driver? A teacher? An accountant?

Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the “joke” that the safest place to have a heart attack in Toronto is in a taxi, because most likely your taxi driver is an immigrant heart surgeon that due to the lack of Canadian Experience he is only able to work as a taxi driver.

To Canada’s credit tough, the current Canadian Immigration policy is very generous towards refugees who may not necessarily have the required skills, good command of the English language or the required education to land a good paying job, and so they continue to receive financial support. This financial support continues to be a burden on the Canadian taxpayer till such time that they do land a good paying job and able to support their family.

The biggest joke of course is the “Canadian Experience” or lack of there of excuse. Employers like to emphasize lack of “Canadian experience” as a reason for either not hiring you, although they have invited you for an in person interview,  or hiring you at a lower pay in comparison with a Canadian born employee doing the same job as you.

MMMM…. Let me see – does this mean that in case I worked in Europe for the last 20 years I lack knowledge or experience in comparison with a Canadian trained professional doing the same work as me? Leaves me wondering time and time again – what does “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE” really mean? When facing a requirement for Canadian experience, newcomers are faced with this very difficult situation: they are unable to get a job without Canadian experience and they can’t get Canadian experience without a job.

For your information The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (HRC’s) position is that a strict requirement for “Canadian experience” is discriminatory on its face and can only be used in limited circumstances. The onus will be on employers and regulatory bodies to show that a requirement for Canadian experience is a bona fide requirement, based on several legal tests. And so, all employers should all realize that “Canadian Experience” is an illegal form of discrimination that it is just the same as discrimination that is resulting from religion, gender, age, or color. (You may find complete and comprehensive information on this topic by visiting (removing “Canadian Experience” Barrier).

Bottom Line: Always believe in yourself, abilities, know your qualifications, work experience and most importantly maintain a positive attitude. Life has taught me that where one door closes another door opens.

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No Canadian Experience

Discouraging words to hear and process…

You chose to move to Canada – the land of endless opportunities, leaving all behind. Your birth place, the familiar surroundings where your career took off and much more.

As your Canadian employment journey commences you come across an unexpected stumbling block. Although you are invited to endless job interviews and are prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up, they all end up with “sorry you do not have Canadian Experience“.

Very confusing….what does that mean you ask yourself, aren’t debits and credits the same regardless of which country you come from?

Thank you for allowing me to share with you how I overcame “No Canadian Experience” and obtained my first job in Canada.

I arrived in Montreal and my job search commenced shortly thereafter. I was invited to numerous job interviews that concluded with “you do not have Canadian Experience”. Those times Montreal had lots of industries such as aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, moreover Montreal was known for its textile and apparel manufacturing. I was very excited when I got an interview invitation from a company called A&G Fabrics. From where I lived at that time to get there it required taking a bus to the subway, a complete subway line and an additional bus, a trip which took about an hour and a half. I was greeted by a very pleasant Human Resources Manager that took me to her office on the 2nd floor. The interview lasted about an hour, and concluded with the too familiar words “sorry, you do not have Canadian Experience….”

It took a couple of minutes and I decided to challenge these words – after all there was nothing to lose – she already told me no. I asked her to please assist me in understanding what does it mean? After all she had my resume prior to asking me for an in person interview, in case I would have listed different work experience to include Canadian Experience in provinces other than Quebec – would she have checked? (remember that in those days there was no internet nor social media to confirm information as easily as today and long distance rates were pretty expensive). “Please help me understand how to gain Canadian Experience when I am told over and over again that I do not have the needed Canadian Experience to get hired….”

I do not recall what else I told her, I do however recall her facial expression and her reaction as she got up and told me “wait right here” and to my horror closed the door and left the room…”you are in deep trouble” I told myself and wanted to run away, alas it was not possible as I was on the second floor.

It seemed like an eternity till she returned with a tall grey haired gentleman that introduced himself as Ab – the A component of the A&G Fabrics name. He took a seat next to me, crossed his legs on top of the desk and a second interview took place….at the end of that interview Ab extended his hand and welcomed me to the A&G Fabrics team.

I chose to share this experience with you, as unfortunately even today many candidates I work with are going through the same “No Canadian Experience” journey. I will always carry the memory of this experience and its successful ending as it taught me a lifelong lesson – even when it seems impossible and feels hopeless – do not get discouraged, do not give up, always hold your head up high, remember that where one door closes another door opens. Most importantly believe in yourself, abilities, qualifications and maintain a positive attitude.

Wishing each and every one of you a successful journey